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All materials and methods used are of high quality, since I would not offer anything for which I can not stand myself.

We only accept cash. Other payment is possible after agreement and in advance.

Hiking (1,5 hours)

150,- kr/child

195,- kr /adult

Hiking (2-2.5 hours)

190,- kr/child

265,- kr/adult

Hiking (3 hours)

350,- kr /adult

Sunrisetour 2 – 2,5 Hours

200,- kr/child

270,- kr/adult

Børn op til 3 år fri

Llama- driving – license (45 min.)

200 kr,-/child

200 kr,-/adult

Visiting hours (per. person)

50 kr,-/child

75 kr,-/adult

Visiting hours (School/Kindergarten)

75 kr,-/Per person

Therapy (50 min.)

1495,00 kr,-/child

1495,00 kr,-/adult

Basic Course 1 Day (Group)

1195 kr,-

Basic Course 1 Day (Individual)

1875 kr,-

Firmaarrangement m. picknick

650 kr,-/Per person

Firmaarrangement u. picknick

550 kr,-/Per person

Stress Prevention

2350 kr,-/Per person

Konfirmations-/ Weddingsevent, birthdays

Starting at 1350 kr,- per påbegyndt time

Driving expenses (within a 35 km radius)

Starting at 250 kr,-

People, who want to go for a walk alone or want to make the llama driving license allone pay a surchage of 100% og the price of the offer.
Families who enjoy the experience as a private experience pay a surcharge og 45%.

It is possible to by vouchers for all offers

  • Vouchers can not be convertet into cash.
  • Vouchers that were not purchased through us can not be exchanged through us.

For orders outside the opening hours, we charge a surcharge of 25% on the total price.

* Priserne er angivet pr. person, ** Priserne er angivet pr. person pr. time, *** alle priser er med moms.

Opening hours:

In order to offer you the best experience and the best service, we work according to agreement. Please contact us to arrange the best time for you.
Please see our events!

Monday: 9:00 – 17:00
Tuesday: 9:00 – 17:00
Wednesday: 9.00 – 17:00
Thursday: 8:00 – 12:00
Friday: closed
Saturday: closed
Sunday: 10:00 – 16:00
Holidays after agreement

(from 1.november – 28.februar closed on Sunday)

Please remember:
Therapy sessions and hiking tours only after agreement.
Please call in advance!

I have read and accepted the terms and conditions.
Terms and conditions

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