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We offer a special package for stress prevention and stress reduction management.

This package is geared towards company employees, as well as individuals whose every day life is characterized by stress.

The calm nature of the animals causes you to relax and to get your feet back on the ground.

We will make an effort to finding the cause of your stress and work out strategies useful in reducing and preventing it.

The package includes 2 units.
2 x2 hour session dealing with stress reduction and how to cope with stress.

The offer extends only to one person sessions and people who are working in different companies.

The price per person is on the list

Citat :
“… the llama / alpaca encourages you to move away … (to evolve) … when the time comes”

Your heart, your soul are full of desires, fears, worries, you feel that you are powerfully getting closer to a change?

Let the silence of the animals work deeply on you.

Speak what comes up immediately and look at exactly these wishes and come through your inner contemplation and consideration of the situation from a different level into your inner power and strength, so that your life expression corresponds exactly to who you are.

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Zitat: Tierisch Gut; Arunverlag Regula Meyer

The goal of mindfulness hike is to direct attention to the here and now, to become free from distractions that get out of hand in everyday life and to reflect on oneself, thereby perceiving the beauty of the environment and enjoying it respectfully.

Depending on the size of the group, each participant has their own llama or two participants share one animal.

Llamas are very attentive animals, always keeping an eye on their surroundings, eyeing new things and immediately recognizing and checking details. At the same time, the sensitive animals reflect the person who walks with them and expect safety, consideration, concentration and respect.

This means that the full attention of the participants is directed towards the animal and to themselves, the situation and the environment. Any deviation from the concentration, as well as disrespectful behavior, the animal immediately notices and changes the way of moving to being frightened or simply stops.

Each participant receives an animal, which he then prepares for the hike together with his hiking partner. This is about getting to know each other and about first impressions, which is important to do justice to this animal.

In case of large groups, one partner leads first, and the second one spends time in observation, half of the way they exchange. The tour is about the task of anticipating the environment with the eyes of the lama and adapting accordingly and responding in a timely manner when “danger” threatens. This includes self-observation as well as the perception of all changes in the environment, including the other participants.

All participants receive a detailed instruction with tasks and at the end of the tour an evaluation / review takes place in order to deepen the “awareness”.

A mindfulness tour takes about 2.5 hours

The requirements in the daily processes are high:

The speed increases, the pressure increases: pressure to succeed, time pressure, cost pressure, the pressure to keep up with and keep up with new technical innovations and digital challenges.

A challenge for daily communication in the work process.

The stress of being able to cope with everything also increases, leads to excessive demands: the error rate increases and attention falls, communication suffers – the process is disturbed.

During a day of team building with the llamas, we work carefully with ourselves and together in the team.

Basically, it is about drawing attention to the “here and now”. Every inner and outer experience is perceived and allowed.

This is where the llama comes in, which is incredibly sensitive from a distance and reflects at the same time.

Good work both in a team and as a leader / boss requires, on the one hand, good contact with yourself, your own being, your wishes and goals for now and the future, and on the other hand, valuation-free attention to your environment towards both your private and professional surroundings. That means you should be at peace with yourself in every aspect:

  • Living authenticity.
  • Congruity of statements and with the actions.
  • Being in balance and in good contact with yourself.

We train these basic requirements in cooperation with the llama (s), which will not only show us whether we work authentically and in balance, but also whether our remarks match our actions and how we act as a team.

Individual training for leaders / bosses
Team training for management teams
Team training for work groups
From 3 hours.
Tailored to your needs – I look forward to your calls and emails!


Llama Therapy is a tharapy which is not feeling like that, because you can be together with amazing animals…
an alternative, supportive therapy that helps improve and develop resources and improve quality of life for a variety of diagnoses and problems. You do not need a doctor’s prescription.
Animal-assisted work and therapy with llamas is new in Denmark, it differs from horse / dog therapy. Llama Therapy is more like Dolphin Therapy. In many European countries llamas are also known as the “dolphins of the pasture”.

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If you decide to go on a therapy hike with a llama, then this is a choice you make, for example if you want crisis intervention, want to evaluate an experience or a process in life, have to come to terms with a diagnosis or just want to try out how llama therapy works.

The therapy hike is used consciously to support the process of self-awareness, to help with problem solving, e.g. with challenges in the family, e.g. with structural changes in life, care and support for family members, stressful diagnoses, autism, fear, major changes in working life, ADHD and comparable diagnoses, as well as mild depression, or problems in social relations.

The hike is suitable for both individuals and up to 4 participants (such as family members who are involved in the process / problem) Before the hike, we discuss the special needs in a (telephone) conversation and based on the collected facts we set the focus / goal.

While we are preparing the animals, we can see how the llamas mirror the one who treats them and therefore it is possible to evaluate continuously while we are with them, as well as on the hike where we can find certain tools that you can use in your everyday life can take away.
At the end we evaluate the hike, if necessary I will give you exercises to take home with you, which is a clear difference to our general adventure hikes.

A therapy hike can be repeated with a defined goal, for example as a process or as a single wonderful experience that noticeably increases the quality of life, the joy of life and the well-being.
Please be aware that it is not a substitute for therapy that is usually more intensive, lengthy and suitable for other problems.

I am looking forward to helping you on your way!
Number of people 1- max. 4
Duration 1.5 hours


(is not llamatherapy)
A llama walk is a very special experience. You are very close to the animal and you can feel the relationship and also the effect you have on the animal´s behavior.

We offer guided hiking tours in different possibilities.

The tour will take you through a beautiful summer house area and down to the beach where we walk alongside the ocean.
Here you have a wonderful opportunity to develop a relationship with the animal you lead, enjoy the landscape, as well as feeling completely relaxed and in harmony with your inner self.

The hikes always take place by appointment (booket as a personal experience by appointment) or are advertised as an event with a minimum number of participants fx. our holiday programs or the weekend hikes.

All agreed to hikes will be carried out, even in light rain.
I just cancel the hike if we have storm, thunderstorm or heavy rain.

You always need sturdy shoes and should be dressed to fit the weather condition. We reserve the right to cancel the tour if you do not wear appropriate shoes. All expenses in relation to such a cancellation will be charged to you.

Are suitable for persons with e.g. Autism, ADHD and similar diagnoses, as well as depression, or problems in social relations.

Number of persons 1 – max. 4
Duration approx. 1.5 h

We adapt the hike to the needs of the respective client, the respective small group. It is during the tour a continuous care and evaluation in detail guaranteed, which is clearly different from one of our activity / adventure tours.
A therapy change can be repeated with a set goal or perceived as a single wonderful experience that noticeably enhances the quality of life, zest for life, and well-being.

I look forward to meeting you!

Visiting hour – Visiting the farm

You have the option during opening hours to visit the Llamas: 60 minutes in the stable or on the pasture. Here you can observe or get in contact with the amazing animals. Listen to the Llamas typical noise, their “singing”, their chewing while eating. Paint a picture, if you like or take a photo of your “favorite animal”. Ask questions, learn interesting and exciting things about the lovely animals. Let yourself getting inspired!. Again, it is good to wear solid shoes.

This offer is geared towards children (or people feeling as a child at heart).
You will spend about 45 minutes together with the llama at the farm. During this time, you will learn interesting facts about the animal and you will be introduced to the llama and learn how to lead it, you have the possibility to create something with llamawool.
At the end of the session you get a Llama driver’s license and a small souvenir.

This offer is also suitable for younger children, such as a part of a child’s birthday.
Again, sturdy shoes are required and parental control is a must.

(max. 20 persons)
The walk will take anywhere from1.5 hours to 2 hours, including preparation and briefing. Two children per one Llama. 1-2 adult care-takers will be granted free entrance.
The walk encourages team spirit, mutual respect and responsibility. At the same time, it is possible to observe nature and reinforce self-confidence.
An extraordinary experience.
Remember: Sturdy shoes are a requirement.

Price 75 kr /child


A day filled with theory and practice for all beginners, enthusiasts and fans of llamas and alpacas. These animals are different from other animals – in fact, they are small camels.
Incomparable and incredibly appealing.
Their attitudes and their needs are different from those of other animals!
It is not difficult to handle them, if you are aware of their particularities.
It has become rather popular to own these animals.
We offer this course in order to give you an introduction to the origin, history and the particularities of the llamas and alpacas, as well as teaching you the basic elements of how to handle, train and taking care of these animals.
We wish you a lot of pleasure with your animals!

Registration or questions by phone or email.

9am – 5 pm including coffee, snack and all materials

One person course can be arranged by agreement over 4 hours.
Please note our planned seminars for min. 4 and max. 10 participants

Other offers

For companies, we offer tailor-made solutions, ranging from an excursion which is funny and connecting colleagues to professional teambuilding, mindfulness and stress coaching.

Write us your wishes or give us a call!

Confirmation / wedding / birthday events or company party with our llamas

We are happy to help out making your big celebration an unforgettable memory.
We are looking forward to meeting you!

knitting wool
Hand cut and sorted out by color and machine spun individually by color. The llama wool comes in color such as white, brown and gray shades or is colored with plant extract
Choose the right wool for a warm, soft winter hat or a big favorite sweater.

Price per 100g based on yield and quality

Raw wool
From lama and alpaca to self-spin or felt also in different colors.

In addition, if it is possible we also offer sliver and fleece for all who like to spin on their own spinning wheel.

We offer value vouchers, usable about all our offers

The purchase of vouchers is made according to individual agreement and according to your wishes regarding text, occassion etc.
Please call us for a personal consultation.

Shipping via e-mail


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