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We offer a special package for stress prevention and stress management.

This package is geared towards company employees, as well as individuals whose everyday life is characterized by stress.

The calm nature of the animals causes you to relax and to get your feet back on the ground.

We will make an effort to finding the cause of your stress and work out strategies useful in reducing and preventing it.

The package includes 4 units
3 times a 60 minutes session dealing with stress reduction and how to cope with stress.
1 time 2.5 hours conclusion and final evaluation, as well as a lama hike.

The offer extends only to one individual at a time.

Price. 2350,- kr. incl. Tax

A day filled with theory and practice for all beginners, enthusiasts and fans of llamas and alpacas. These animals are different from other animals – in fact, they are small camels.

Incomparable and incredibly appealing.

Their attitudes and their needs are different from those of other animals!

It is not difficult to handle them, if you are aware of their particularities.
It has become rather popular to own these animals.

We offer this course in order to give you an introduction to the origin, history and the particularities of the llamas and alpacas, as well as teaching you the basic elements of how to handle, train and taking care of these animals.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with your animals!

Registration by phone or email.
10 am – 5 pm including coffee, snack and all materials

Minimum 4 max. 6 participants:

Price per person 1195,- kr

One person course can be arranged by agreement, 4 hours.

Price 1875,- kr.

We are happy to train your llama/alpaca in order to make handling, care, or working with the animal easier.

We can come to your place or you may come to our farm and learn the know-how.

Prices by agreement.

Please have a look at our special offer “basic seminar” for groups and individuals!

You have the option during opening hours to visit the llamas: 50 minutes in the stable or on the pasture. Here you can observe or get in contact with the amazing animals. Listen to the Llamas typical noise, their “singing”, their chewing while eating. Paint a picture, if you like or take a photo of your “favorite animal”. Ask questions, learn interesting and exciting things about the lovely animals. Let yourself getting inspired!
Again, it is good to wear solid shoes.


children 50 kr

adults 75 kr

A llamawalk is a very special experience. You are very close to the animal and you can feel the relationship and also the effect you have on the animal´s behavior.
We offer guided hiking tours starting at a cost of 100,- kr and up depending on the duration of the walk which may last from 1.5 to 3 hours and include groups up to 10 people.
The tour will take you through a beautiful summer house area and down to the beach where we walk alongside the ocean.
Here you have a wonderful opportunity to develop a relationship with the animal you lead, enjoy the landscape, as well as feeling completely relaxed and in harmony with your inner self.
All agreed to hikes will be carried out, even in light rain. You always need sturdy shoes and should be dressed to fit the weather condition. We reserve the right to cancel the tour if you do not wear appropriate shoes. All expences in relation to such a cancellation will be charged to you.
Always make an appointment if you want to visit with the Llamas or to sign up for a Llama tour. It may happen that we are on tour with the llamas or working with the them and therefore unable to immediately assist you.


Walk ca.1,5 hours: 150,- kr/child; 195,- kr /adult

Walk 2 hours: 190,- kr/ child; 265,-kr/adult

Walk 3 hours: 350,- kr /adult

A wonderful nature experience – you alone with the llama in an incredibly quiet and beautiful nature.
2 – 2,5 Hours
Children: 200,00 kr
Adults: 270,00 kr

Persons who book a single tour, pays a surcharge of 20% on the price of the tour.

This offer is geared towards children (or child at heart).
You will spend about 45 minutes together with the llama at the farm. During this time, you will learn interesting facts about the animal and you will be introduced to the llama and learn how to lead it.
At the end of the session you get a Llama driver’s license and a small souvenir.
This offer is also suitable for younger children, such as a part of a child’s birthday.
Again, sturdy shoes are required and parental control is a must.

The price is 200 kr.

A special experience: Combined with meeting with the extraordinary animals you will enjoy with movement, natural pleasure and relaxation!

Duration 3.5 hours to 4 hours.

During this time you will get to know the animals and help preparing them for your approx. 2 hours tour.

Following a pleasant and relaxing hike together with the llamas/alpacas you will get informative instructions about the animals and you will also have a chance to ask questions about the llamas/alpacas.

Afterwards you have the opportunity to enjoy the silence while having a delicious sandwich, homemade cake and coffee or tea, as well as observing the animals and ask more questions before the special experience is coming to an end.

A great way to be together with your colleagues and employees, to strengthen your bonds and to gain strength to solve problems popping up in your daily life.

The max. number of people 10-12.

The price per person 650,- kr. including picnic.

Without picnic 550,- kr

We would be pleased to tailor our offer to your wishes!

We are happy to help out making your big celebration an unforgettable memory.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Price starting at 1350,-kr. + driving supplementary

(max. 20 persons)
The walk will take anywhere from1.5 hours to 2 hours, including preparation and briefing. Two children per one Llama. 1-2 adult care-takers will be granted free entrance.
The walk encourages team spirit, mutual respect and responsibility. At the same time, it is possible to observe nature and reinforce self-confidence.
An extraordinary experience.
Remember: Sturdy shoes are a requirement.

Price 75 kr /child

knitting wool

Hand cut and sorted out by color and machine spun individually by color. The llama wool comes in color such as white, brown and gray shades.

Choose the right wool for a warm, soft winter hat or a big favorite sweater.

Price per 100g from 145,- kr

Raw wool

From lama and alpaca to self-spin or felt also in different colors.

Price per kg 300,- kr

In addition, we also offer sliver and fleece for all who like to spin on their own spinning wheel.

We offer vouchers about all our offers

The purchase of vouchers is made according to individual agreement and according to your wishes regarding text etc.
Please call us for a personal consultation.

Shipping costs within DK 2019

30,00 kr. alm. brev
40.00 kr. quickbrev

Sponsorships for llamas and alpacas

The sponsorship lasts one year and expires automatically – can be renewed at any time.
Overview of possible sponsorships:

Certificate Llama-letter Visit Llamahike Llamadriver-license Price
General sponsorship 370,-
Active sponsorship 750,-
Premium sponsorship 2 √ 1100,-

Certificate: Sponsorship certificate with name and photo and presentation of the animal, as well as the name of the sponsor. Send by post or PDF file
Llamaletter: Twice a year, the animal tells of his experiences, as a letter or as a PDF on the computer
Visit: Included in the sponsorship is a visit to your animal. You learn a lot about the llamas in general and of course you have the opportunity to experience the animals in their natural environment (herd / pasture / stable) and to meet your “own” animal.
Hike: For the sponsor, a 1.5 hour hike is included if feasible with his “own” animal. This depends on the age of the animal, the condition and also depending on the age of the sponsor.
Llama driver license: Holders of the Premium Sponsorship also have the opportunity to get the Llama driver license.

To use all services of the sponsorship, please make an appointment. You also have the option of registering for a corresponding event. (See program on the homepage or Facebook)

All sponsors can pick up Lama fertilizer to their garden in private quantities (please ask for large quantities)
Discount: 15% for repeated hikes in the year

We need the following information from you:
What type of sponsorship would you like to have?
Which animal do you choose?
From what date should the sponsorship begin (birthday, Christmas day …)?
Your name/ the name of the person who receives the sponsorship.
The address or e-mail address to which the bill, the certificate and the Lamaletter should go (or both).


Payment is made in advance, after which we send the certificate (we recommend printing on photo paper), all information and the Llama letter by email. By post we charge 30, – kr or 40, – kr shipping costs (2019)

The End:

The sponsorship ends automatically after one year. Services that were not used during this time expire. If in case of illness or accident, the sponsorship could not be used properly, the sponsorship may be extended. A transfer is not possible.

Opening hours:

In order to offer you the best experience and the best service, we work according to agreement. Please contact us to arrange the best time for you.
Please see our events!

Monday: 9:00 – 17:00
Tuesday: 9:00 – 17:00
Wednesday: 9.00 – 17:00
Thursday: 8:00 – 12:00
Friday: closed
Saturday: closed
Sunday: 10:00 – 16:00
Holidays after agreement

(from 1.november – 28.februar closed on Sunday)

Please remember:
Therapy sessions and hiking tours only after agreement.
Please call in advance!

I have read and accepted the terms and conditions.
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