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Ebeltoft Lamaer, Trekking, Therapy, Alternativ Therapy, Events and Aktivities with Llamas

Llamas belong to the new world camelids. They are impressive animals with their unique characters, their friendly and distanced nature, as well as their extraordinary beauty.

Winter-program December 2018

Ebeltoft Lamaer

I am Beate Regnery, ISAAT certified specialist in animal-assisted therapy and education. I moved together with my husband and all of our animals in August 2012 from Germany to Denmark. Our farm is located about 500m from Kattegat by Ebeltoft in Dråby.


Seminars & therapy


Your visit to our farm will be accompanied by 20 llamas. 4 alpacas and two very friendly dogs that replace the bell.
I have been fascinated by Llamas since 2004 and have therefore decided to dedicate my professional life to these beautiful and intelligent animals.


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In addition to animal-assisted educational and therapeutic intervention, I offer hiking/trekking tours with the Llamas, as well as possibilities to visit with the Llamas. Since we may be busy with the Llamas and therefore not able to assist you it is imperative that you make an appointment to see the Llamas or to go on a Llama tour.