Ebeltoft Lamaer, Therapy, Alternativ Therapy, Course and Aktivities with Llamas

Llamas belong to the new world camelids. They are impressive animals with their unique characters, their friendly and distanced nature, as well as their extraordinary beauty.

Sunrise hike with llamas on Djursland – The hit of the year

A wonderful nature experience – you alone with the llama in an incredibly quiet and beautiful nature.

About me


I’m Beate Regnery, born in 1964.
I have been fascinated by the wonderful llamas since 2004 and have therefore decided to
live and work with these beautiful and intelligent animals and make this my profession.
I came to Denmark with my husband in 2012.
With my qualifications as a graduate hotel business economist with experience as a hotel
manager and more than 25 years of experience as a vocational educator in training and
further education, specialist for animal-assisted education and therapy (AATLA) and special
experience with handling and training llamas:
Camelid Dynamics – Course with Marty McGee Bennett
Basic and extended seminar as well as expertise and transport license for keeping llamas
and activity seminar with Gerhard Rappersberger and Walter Egen
And self-employed business woman and the resulting experience I offer team building,
various arrangements for both private and business, therapy and activities with the support of
sensitive and friendly lamas


Team building/
Company arrangements


With my qualifications as a graduate hotel business economist with experience as a hotel manager, professional educator with more than 25 years of experience in training and further education, specialist in animal-assisted therapy and pedagogy and self-employed businesswoman with the resulting experience, I offer team building both with and without a work relationship. As employees and mirrors, the llamas show how teamwork works.
I look forward to helping you find just the right team event.


If you don’t want it to have a work-related team building, but like a cozy, social experience that’s going to be talked about for a long time, then we’re more than happy to help find just the right thing for you.



Llama therapy is therapy that doesn’t feel like therapy because you’re with beautiful animals.
An alternative therapy that improves quality of life and resources with animal-assisted interventions and develops in various problems and diagnoses. No medical referral is required.
Depending on what you need, we will develop a strategy together that is tailored to you and your needs.

I look forward to helping you.




In addition to animal-assisted interventions, I offer family activities with the wonderful llamas.
Come by for a llama walk, a visit to the farm or just ask what other opportunities there are to be with the llamas.

We always work by appointment / arrangement in order to be prepared for your visit as best as possible.


Ebeltoft Lamaer